Our Sponsors...

We'd like to give a big thumbs up to all the people, businesses and community groups that make Cape Fear possible.  They include:

  • Caltex Westport - Allan and the team are the ones that make this possible

  • Knudsen's Toyworld - your assistance with prizes is always appreciated

  • Kathmandu for helping out with the prizes

  • Bathurst Mining for funding the event video

  • Buller LandSAR - They've been helping with comms since the first race back in 2003.  Legends.

  • Buller Surf Rescue - for keeping us safe in the surf

  • Westport North School's William Pike Challenge Award parents for providing the food and refreshments

  • The farmers - it's your land that makes the bike ride work, so thanks for the access and support

  • Sport Tasman - your assistance helps in all sorts of ways leading up to the event

  • Martins M10 - your tent and BBQ are pretty darn useful things!

  • Kerrie Burrow - traffic manager extraordinaire

  • Keith Riley and co - the ropes section couldn't happen without you

  • All the marshals - so many of them, and all doing it for the love of it.  Awesome!

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